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Truth as the gift LiFe,. has always been obvious. There.. is FAITH.. grounded to eternity,. alive. Man,. and iTs.. organizations,. religions.. claiming likeness.. are the murderer.
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Christ Return, Christ Returned, Christ Returns, Truth, the gift, LiFe, always obvious, There is FAITH, grounded to eternity, alive, Man, religion, church organizations, claimed likeness, murdering life, Prepare yourself, evil up for resolve, choose truth, choose life, for ALL, freeing ALL, eternally, forever, eternal Life, opinion serves no free soul life, opinion is purposeless, the rounds, those choosing, not choosing, principalities rampant, infested, ill taught, ill led, tongues twisted thinking, sKip iT,  sKip to your own lu, get ReaL - LiFe iS The GiFT! - WORLD LITERACY,  - WORLDenglish.iNFO - sKip - multi versioning, and being dead alive,
YOU HAVE NO understanding of what iS natural order SUN generated  aether energy
SUN DESIGNED - NATURALLY - for your.. vessel - that you,. RAPE, daily - piT sKiTTing
NONE -  as in ZERO - ABLE priests
You and your kind are basically NOT ABLE in any way,. and should be MANDITORILY required to remove your ARMED CONglomerate militaries
from ALL areas you have
no national  or RIGHT to be in any how.
you have raped the SUN and the WAY from those gifted living and life
are the unABLE, governing, rationalizing, deciding for others, eliminating lifes connection to the universe that has gifted ALL living life
gassing - gas cloud encasing the planet - eliminating DOG sHiT antiCiSt cant get thru the van allen belts - BEEN NO WHERE except stanleys, i mean cheneys, i mean nixons,
hoLlywOOdiAn COLUMBINE DISTRICT spaced out  agency of ProGraMaTiC mk ultra apron skiTted steroided stolen children of crownian cabalist unable priests hijacking the WORLD, common core fuCups
ELIMINATING - gassing - gas cloud encasing the planet - would be a good start to demonstrating - at least something the LITERACY and  level of intellect - you raped from the last four generations, keeping
death, dogshit dead, wasted vessel DEAD, wasted WARS WASTED VESSELS pigs and gluttoness upon the thinking of forked tongues COnjuring anTiCing, mystical, unable, oblivious, apronettes
SUN, NATURAL ORDER, aether AIR and energy RAPING, GARBAGE RACE, fuCrs oblivious 101ing, marriage sKiTs and other piT sKiT WAYS of raping one anothers children AND common sanctity
criminal gangs hijacking order, 101, CCE in progress, jesusian, mohammadian, messianic, saviouUrisTic, ALLIGORICAL, pikian hiSstORICAL, dog sHiT ssSbacKwarD,
as in, your Vessel  LiFe expired is you missed your opportunity to
you MIGHT have interacted your living vessel life with the NATURAL ORDER UNIVERSE
that has gifted you and ALL living,. LiFe
in any.. meaningful,
afterlife, ignorance, resolved, tongue lashing, thieving, twisting truth, evil is obvious, escaping, unresolved,
religions confine, the abyss, rewardless, those leading, astray, sent away, unfunded, truth as the gift life, has always been obvious,
faith grounded,
eternity, alive, mans organizations, religions, churches, holy books, murderers
are the SOCIETIED rape
of the
gorgeous planet, EARTH.
world english, say it, SayiT, DOMAiN BASE you,
PersonaLiZed eMaiL, sounds, ViBeS, tribes, liKes
diSliKes - whoooo cares, Time To Get TuNED!
make sense, common sense, real sense, real reality
oh rightly so i say, DOMAIN NAME BASED
Castling Sons Of The UNiVERSE
my circumcision
The Original You, The Original Original,
With The Artist In Mind
Pens, paper, notebooks, BOOKS and NOOKS
Say iT BesT with a DOMAIN and EXTENSION that Say iT BesT!
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Free Souls Freeing ALL - NO Babylonian BRAINED penmens sKiTs PRETENDING required NOR allowed -  " Why to think tainting something with what the NATURAL ORDER BASED - naturally,. obviously opt from?
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